Welcome to Windmill

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“Pick a card. Any card.”

With this trademark phrase, along with a wink, a winning grin and a handful of entertaining card tricks, Mr. Mercury Ecks has come to town. Windmill, Indiana, to be exact. And while the citizens of this 1950’s Midwest farm town are naturally wary of strangers, they soon fall prey to the drifter’s principal charm.

For Mr. Ecks knows things . . . Things about the people in town. Things that can help them. Help solve their problems. Relieve their fears. Remove their obstacles. And all he asks in return for sharing what he knows is a fee, a small fee.

But the ‘small fee’ turns out to be much larger. Too late do the town’s citizens learn Mr. Ecks’ secret purpose: The destruction of lives. The destruction of communities. The destruction of Windmill itself.

Only one woman can stop him . . . If she is willing to play his deadly mind games.

Rabbit’s Foot, the sequel to Welcome to Windmill, is also available.

Windmill, Indiana. Where bad things happen to a good town.


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1 review for Welcome to Windmill

  1. Juli

    “Welcome to Windmill” has gritty, macabre characters with unexpected plot twists. Who will be the next to draw a card?? Could it be YOU!

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