Rabbit’s Foot



Winter, Chicago, 1920.

They planned to meet at midnight. They would run off together and marry. But something went wrong . . .

For young Nathan Devlin and Julia Tharpe, that missed meeting cleaves their relationship and sunders their lives. Nathan goes to prison, bitter, blaming Julia for lack of resolve. Julia continues with her career, equally bitter, blaming him for unfaithfulness.

Years later, Julia learns the truth of that night’s failed elopement, and of the deception behind it. She sets out to find Nathan, now an escaped fugitive. Her search leads her in 1955 to the small farm town of Windmill, Indiana.

There Nathan, still bitter at Julia, at his luck and at the world at large, is avenging himself on the helpless townspeople in a peculiar way: With magic . . .

Can Julia stop Nathan from destroying the town? Can she stop him from destroying himself? And can she guide him to the truth of their betrayal in time to recapture their lost love?

The sequel to Rabbit’s FootSweet Dreams, will appear in 2019.

Windmill, Indiana. Where bad things happen to a good town.


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