Falling Objects


Who killed Eve Hollander?

Indianapolis, 1955. Early spring, a little before one in the morning . . .

That’s when beautiful, rich, cruel Eve Hollander goes off her penthouse roof . . . and lands in the lap, as it were, of her next-door neighbor, Dr. Lou Baltimore. The quirky college professor with a knack for detection might let it go at that—except that five of Eve’s friends want to pin her death on him.

Did Eve fall? Or was she pushed? And by whom? And why? Lou wants to find out. Teaming up with smart, beautiful Indianapolis Police Department Lt. Kelley Cooper, Lou romances the leggy cop while also investigating Eve’s death. Along the way, employing his usual wisecracks, brash manner and unorthodox methods, he manages to raise eyebrows, ruffle feathers and step on toes, all in pursuit of the murderer . . . and Kelley.

The author has this to say about Lou Baltimore: “I put Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe and Wolf J. Flywheel in a bag, shook it up and dumped it out. And what did I get for my trouble? Lou Baltimore.”

Hear author Daniel Cross discuss two of Lou Baltimore’s adventures:

Blues for Lefty and Tea for Three, volumes 2 and 3 of the Lou Baltimore, P. I. A. trilogy, are in the works.

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