Coopers Hollow

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Welcome to Coopers Hollow. It’s not your ordinary small town, with ordinary townsfolk leading ordinary lives. On the contrary.

A woman receives a desperate, warning phone call from herself, placed years before.

An ill-tempered man is warned of his imminent death—All ten versions of it.

A little girl discovers that her wonderful special gift works in unforeseen ways.

A desperate man pawns his soul, only to learn later that it has been sold. Is he willing to take a slightly inferior one in trade?

As children of a beloved grandmother reminisce about her at her funeral, they discover something very strange about her.

An unusual pocket watch provides the perfect means for a long-suffering wife to get rid of her cheating husband.

A writer, fearful of being dropped by his publisher, promises a bestseller, then turns to a ghostwriter—One of his own characters.

Kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween are joined by a peculiar companion who sports a very realistic monster costume.

A strange radio helps a bullied boy and his father even the odds against their crooked landlord and his sadistic son.

A womanizing director comes to what he thinks is a tryst, only to find himself alone in a house filled with murderous traps set by a revenge-seeker.

Coopers Crossing, sequel to Coopers Hollow, appeared in Spring 2019.

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2 reviews for Coopers Hollow

  1. Amber Thomas

    Excellent book!!!! 🙂

  2. William Driver

    If you enjoy shows like, “The Twilight Zone” or “Black Mirror”, then you’ll love this book. It draws you into the unique town and sends you on a rollercoaster of tales that’ll have you shifting from laughter to tears and everything in between. I highly recommend it.

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