Coopers Crossing



JACK VAN CAMP, charming mayor of the booming Indiana town, isn’t telling where all his new townsfolk are coming from. He likes to think of it as his little secret.

BUT WHEN attractive visitor Mrs. Zimmer expresses an interest in settling there, he reveals some of the town’s stranger aspects in a day-long tour. A tour complete with “tales“ of twelve of its more interesting “citizens.“ Quite strange tales, in fact. They might even be true.

ONLY AT THE END of the tour, as night falls, does he discover that quiet, demure Dilly Zimmer has her own tale to tell, her own little secret. A secret involving a missing childhood . . . A deathbed whisper . . . And a very peculiar old typewriter.

NOW MRS. ZIMMER has come to Coopers Crossing to set things right. One keystroke at a time.

Coopers Valley, the concluding volume of The Cooper Trilogy, will appear in Spring 2020.

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